illustration and graphics-Zip’s BBQ sauce labels

For our community’s annual Father’s Day Pig Roast, my friend and neighbor, Gary “Zip” Zipfel and his wife, Jeannine, invite friends over during the previous weekend for a day of sauce making. Cutting up bushels of fresh tomatoes, pepper, onions, smoking the lot on grills, and processing them into sauce is the order of the day with beer, music, and croquet interspersed throughout. Good food, friends, and a bit of honest work-the best kind of tradition. These are my labels that I did up this year for my friends’ delicious sauces. Enjoy.

3 main flavors-

southern sweet main copy

arkansas tangy main copy

main flavor lables

Each bottle has one of the following  labels designating the spiciness.

mathiatastic mild copy

marylicious medium copy

primosmokin hot copy

Mary, Mathias, and Primo are Zip and Jeannine’s kids, of course.

The left overs of the 3 sauces are mixed together and jammed with Habaneros to get the following evil concoction (Zip’s answer to the whining from the previous years about “not spicy enough” :-)).

armageddon lable copy

with its own heat label-

youi are here hot copy


5 Responses to illustration and graphics-Zip’s BBQ sauce labels

  1. Erin Cummisford says:


  2. Jacque says:

    ROTFL!!! Who would have thought that such creative genius could be bottled? And yet- sweet mother of god- inside and out, here it is!

    If I have mint juleps with my Southern Sweet, maybe I’ll wake up the next AM with a Bob Stotts original totooed on…

    Remind me to flush my car keys down the toilet.

  3. Erik Lehtis says:

    LMAO Bob!

    If the sauces inside the jar are half as good as the labels on the outside, they will be killer!

    I am stocking up on Preparation H and preparing the cold compresses in anticipation of a rendezvous tomorrow with the Armageddon sauce. It will be a showdown at the hoedown, and I’m gunna throwdown summa dat sauce! Damn the consequences!

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