trade show project-Hill Phoenix

This was a fun one. Hill Phoenix is a 40′ x 180′ booth. The parameters included dramatically reducing the drayage and set up costs (their previous booth included a huge double deck), provide for a controlled traffic flow from the entry through the product display areas, and into a large hospitality “cafe”.
My concept was, basically, an organic grand projection sculpture, with lighting providing an ever changing
mosaic of color and mood. This piece also typifies my preferred approach to design; a function based, inviting plan, fabric to create mass without adding weight, and tiered identity and graphics to make the booth easy for visitors to understand and navigate.

I developed the original concept as I sat with the client during our initial meeting at their headquarters in South Carolina. It evolved (the proverbial “napkin sketches”) while  talking and eating the pizza that the client brought in for our whole day meeting. This sort of interaction is, definitely, my preferred process; casual co-creation of the concept with my client- their input and my ideas, building a cohesive, qualified solution. Inevitably, this collaborative process leads to a booth that quickly evolves into an on-target end point that  serves the clients needs, and aesthetic tastes, most efficiently.


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