“The Red Hat” oil  12″x24″ private collection


“Fresh Flowers” oil  24″x30″ collection of the artist


“Garlands” oil 24″x30″, collection of the artist


“the Greenhouse” oil 24″x30, collection of the artist


“Athena’s Temple” oil 24″x30″, collection of the artist


“the Barn Maid” oil 12″x24″, private collection


“The Sentinel” oil 24″x36″, collection of the artist


“Washing Day” oil 24″x30″, private collection


“Stephanie Washing” oil  12″X24″, collection of the artist


“Musslima II”, oil 24″x30″, collection of the artist


“Our Secret Place”, oil 20″x30″, private collection


“The Guardian” oil 24″x30″, collection of the artist


“Gypsy Rose” oil 18″x24″, collection of the artist


5 Responses to paintings-oils-figurative

  1. Lynne Clemens says:

    Nice site Rob! Your work is amazing 🙂


  2. Larry Campbell says:

    Love all your stuff Rob, but these figurative oils blow me away! Amazing is an understatement. Brilliant complimenting colors!

    • stottsmonkey says:

      Thanks pal, glad that you enjoyed them. The beauty is that it’s just a little work, and little time with some good teachers.That was one of the things that I finally clued in on when I hit 40-that its ultimately only about relaxing and enjoying the process. The coolest thing that I’ve found out studying and practicing art is that anyone can do it, and that everyone is limitless in their ability to create-they just have to figure out how to get around whatever the excuse it is that their using to not be doing it.

  3. Linda Z. says:

    Beautiful, beautiful and just simply… beautiful… where do you get the energy, ideas and insparation for all these different “types” (painting, ceramics, woodworking a.o.) of art?!

    • stottsmonkey says:

      Thanks Linda, and the answer is simple and beautiful-the inspiration is and was always there. We’re surrounded buy abundance and limitless beauty. The magic of exploring through art isn’t that your creating beauty, it’s that your making a space to recognize the beauty that is all around you at all times. The path of the artist, for me, is about the joy of being a humble student and observer, appreciating the journey, and reveling in my ever increasing ability to validate and and enjoy that which was right in front of me all along. Truly, there is nothing special about what I do, and it is nothing that everyone else is not capable of creating by simply deciding that their happiness, and personal exploration is worth investing time in.

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