My Wedding

After several years together my, then girlfriend,  and I decided to marry. We further decided that we wanted challenge ourselves to created an event that reflected our commitment to creativity and individuality. As we were both Shakespeare fans, and regulars at the Bristol Renaissance fair, we decided on a renaissance theme. We also decided that we wanted to have our guests as not just observers, but participants immersed in the play. We designed everything ourselves. Our caterer prepared an authentic 25th century english feast including squab and rustic cheeses and breads. There was no silverware-everyone ate with their hands. We had a falconer, who gave a presentation with his birds during the reception, and minstrels.  Judi made her dress and the server’s costumes. All of the guests came in costume. The result was very satisfying. No one left after the official end of the reception and the little girls refused to remove their dresses. I made, with help from family and friends, all o f the props. The following are the main ones

The backdrop for the wedding feast-a 10′ high x 20′ long castle wall made of styrofoam, sculpted and painted with acrylic paint and installed in our communities recreation center-a relocated wood-beamed dairy barn. I think that it was pretty effective as many of the guests commented on how fortunate it was that we found a  place with such a cool masonry wall  already in the  building.

castle copy

our wedding cake. The actual cake was made by Alicia Boada of Edible works of art. I built the base-a carved foam floating island with moat and tunnels. I gave Alexia a pattern to build the cake within. On the day of the wedding, I slipped my island over the platform with her cake, which fit perfectly.

cake and judi copy

cake top copy

wedding cake 1

Finally, a piece that I made for all of the ladies that attended; a mirror with a tree of life and our wedding date that I sculpted from clay, moulded, and cat in resin impregnated with bronze powder.

mirrors copy


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