Museum design-Pier Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Of all of  the commercial work that I do, surely, interpreting educational content and creating environments that educate and excite and inspire patrons, is my most satisfying.  I have an insatiable passion for learning, and museum design is my shifty way of lighting this fire for others. What a rich culture we live in, that one can drive for a few minutes, pay a pittance, and spend the day marvelling, surrounded by material who’s sole purpose is to educate, inspire, and entertain them. Here are a few sketches from the many project which I have had the privilege of working on-

Pier Wisconsin- these are a few plates from the Pier Wisconsin Maritime museum in Milwaukee.  The museum’s purpose was to educate the visitor on the 300 year maritime history of the great lakes, and promote the awareness of the need for the protection of the lakes as a valued resource. I was the sole designer for the initial conceptual work, and here are some of my conceptual sketches-

benieth lm current design

benieth lm original concept wreck

fresh water labs dock

tall ships from bow low res

rip rap theater

Here are a few ink sketches for the Pier Wisconsin Project. For environments that are free form and organic, 3d programs on the computer are a poor choice for exploration. This is where hand sketching excels. In particular, I developed this style to be clear and crisp-abstract enough to serve as “conceptual”, but clear enough to give the education team, or a prospective donor, a really clear idea of the “feel” of the end product. One could easily fax pieces such as these, and they would still be punchy and convincing-

beneath lm pers looking up entry ramp

urban refuse pile

beneath lm  cabin vacc details


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