Museum design-MSI Aviation gallery

I had the good fortune to do a couple of year’s work as a full time consultant for Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, where I worked on revamping several of their signature exhibits. This page shows work on their aviation gallery. As with most museum projects, content is king, so exploration always begins with how to begin organizing the space around the educational story-beats and content “areas”-

As a die-hard science kid in high school (I was a medical student before going into commercial art and, eventually, industrial design) I really enjoy the merging of art and hard content that science museum work affords. How do you take complex subjects and, not only, make them accessible and understandably, but fun? Here are some plates exploring the feel of the gallery spaces-

One of my favorite of the concepts that I came up with was a paper airplane interactive including a building area and  flight space as a vehicle to teach patrons about the physics of flight-

Additionally, I worked up some sculptural, mechanical interactives designed to illustrate the primary physical forces integral to flight-drag, lift, thrust, and gravity (weight)-

After refinement, the concepts are organized, and annotated, for the development team and, ultimately, the vendors that will need to engineer the pieces to build-


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