themed environments-Key Lime Cove water park-arcade concept

Key Lime Cove in a new (2007) resort and water park in Gurnee Illinois.These sketches are for themed arcade within the hotel.
The client wanted a feel that would remind the visitors of a typical touristy Florida beach or fishing town. Aquick trip to the web ( I love the web) gave me plenty of options for iconic textures and props. Simple “beach shack” store fronts and some prop tropical trees and plants backed with a sunset (painted mural or projected lighting effect) creates a fun (and within budget) frame for the arcade machines. The propping suggestions included surf boards, sails , buoys and crab pots, fishing nets and one of the (apparently ubiquitous in Florida) tourist charter sea planes. My suggestion for the premiums counter is tricked out a galleon (sailing ship) with showcases built into the bow and sides. The carpet is one of the several available commercial patterns printed to look like coral. The uppermost sketch is approved pencil that I did to work out the view composition and it’s main elements. The final was inked and then scanned and colored in Photoshop- one of my favorite techniques when the client needs bold, high-impact concept sketches.
the pencil rough for the eye level view

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