interior space design

From conservative,  tasteful office lobbies, conference rooms, and reception spaces to funky fun themed areas, I have the good fortune to get to do a great variety of interior space projects.

concept sketches for a piano company  in Waukeegan, Illinois that wanted to open a piano bar in the space  adjacent to their showroom. In particualar, they wanted, in this lovely loft space, to have a bar area styled, somehow, to resemble an actual piano. Shots of my solution-





A concept for Kerry Food’s new research center in Wisconsin. Kerry Produces flavorings and food additives. These are illlustrations for a grand sculptural instalation for their lobby, taking advantage of the height and scale of their atrium, and themed strongly to their products-





styling concepts for a dance club, X6, for their elevated DJ station.

dj booth3

dj booth1

dj booth2

The next set of sketches are for one of my clients that installs memorablia photo stations, scenic or projected backdrops, digital equipment, etc. The first are typical of the quick ink roughs that I do as initial exploration to establish a styling “theme”, the last is the space rough in deliniating a mall commercial space for a multi station store, complete with photo spaces, prop storage, changing areas, and back office. As my client was also the end user, a fully fleshed out space sketch with graphics was not required.




Old tyme A


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