children’s portraits


“Andromeda” 24″x30″oil, collection of Douglass and Persphone Nerge.

Douglass and Persephone Nerge, neighbors and good friends, were nice enough to commission me to do oil portraits of both of their children, Andromeda and Orion, when each was about 18 months old. This is their eldest, Andromeda, playing in my wife, Judi’s garden in the summertime. She was a trooper, and entertained herself by quietly playing with the flowers in Judi’s garden,  giving me a gold mine of lovely photos to work from. This shows my preference for both children’s and adult portraits-the natural poses in intimate settings that I find really captures something authentic and personal about the subject. 


“Orion” 24″x30″ oil, colleciton of Douglass and Persephone Nerge.

Mom and Dad and I took Orion to the Organic farm that borders the west side of our community, Prairie Crossing. Douglas has brought a vintage toy crane that was the perfect prop for our little boy in his overalls and in our farm scene. We decided that, in contrast to Andromeda’s quiet, reflective personality, Orion’s expansiveness demanded that he be framed in  more open landscape. Again, the Nerge children came through, providing with a multitude of wonderful photos for me to work from. 


“Jack” oil 16″x20″, collection of Neil and Sarah Estrick. 

A little sketch of my friends’ boy, Jack, pumpkin picking a few years ago just before Halloween. I loved the scale of the pumpkins compared to young master Estrick, and the overcast fall color, as he scurries around trying to find the perfect Jack-o-lantern canvas.



“Cherise” oil 24″x30″, collection of the artist. An oil from several years ago of one of my neices  in my wife’s garden.


One Response to children’s portraits

  1. Sally Stotts says:

    These are adorable, Rob. The likenesses are amazing and your rendering of the clothing is so believable that I want to reach out to feel it. Your use of color makes your paintings stimulating and alive. You have so much talent! I know how hard you have worked to excel in so many fields and this website is proof of your accomplishments. Congratulations!!!

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