ceramics-rib fest trophy 2010

As no one really gets enough porky goodness at the annual Father’s day pig roast that we do every year in my community, a bunch of the gang on the south end of prairie crossing do a fourth of July rib competition. Chris, a friend of mine and one of the organizers of the event, called me to ask if I had any ideas for what they could give the winner as an award. I had a range of ideas but, when he provided the copy that he wanted on it, this solution immediately gelled in my mind, the “cerdo que se lamena”, the wailing hog .

As with any such thing that is, really, about bragging rights, I wanted to do something that was appropriately ostentatious and would never be mistaken for, say, some tasteful family heirloom. The trophy is made of high fired, slab-built stoneware, and is finished in a rustic earth tone glaze. The pylon with pig topper stands 19″ tall and features bold block letters extolling the prowess of the soon to be named “God of the grill”. “Uh, honey, git yer mudder’s picture off of the mantle, I got sometin better to put in dehr.”

rife with symbolism, the sides are adorned with appropriate BBQ hieroglyphics.

As for where to put the yearly winner’s names (Chris suggested that this be a passed-on trophy, the Prairie Crossing Stanley Cup).I thought that a suitably “lord of the flies” solution would be to actually take a bone from the winning rack, clean it, scrim shaw the winner’s name on and lash it to the back. The winner’s rack is made of oiled walnut, is lashed to the trophy with leather thongs, and features indentions, ready to secure the bony accolade with pre-attached  artificial sinew. Truly, I’d give money to be a fly on the wall when this shows up on Antique roadshow in a hundred years.

Finished. The winner’s label, an actual rib from the winning rack. The bone was simmered in water with a bit of dishwasher detergent to thoroughly degrease, and then further bleached with cosmetologists hydrogen peroxide paste. The lettering was accomplished with my Detail Master wood-burner-

Happy July 4th, 2010, everybody.


4 Responses to ceramics-rib fest trophy 2010

  1. Douglas Nerge says:


  2. Chris Mallon says:

    Great work Bob!

  3. BETomlin says:

    OK Stephen!

    This is good enough to send to the “Ray Gun” — Ray and Brenda will love it…..way to go!!! (I’m thinking of the “trophy”) not the fact that you won the cook off, ’cause they don’t even BBQ………..

  4. CraigT says:

    Now that’s a fine piece of championship hardware!

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