museum design-Betty Brinn Children’s Museum-Kohls Healthy Kids

One of the several  projects that I’ve had the good fortune to designed for the Betty Brinn Children’s museum in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  This one (just opened this week -March 5,  2010), “Kohls Healthy Kids” is, essentially, a giant game board. The children are the “pieces”, learning about good hygene, safety, etc. by playing and working with a variety of fun interactives as they move along the board. This first piece is first-round concept sketch that I generated for the education team as the project was just being considered-

as you’ll see from the next images, the concept changed considerably, but pencils, like the one above are invaluable to the team to get the “feel” of the space, and to define an objective vision form which to start. They are also very useful to show to donors, to get them inspired enough to commit funds to the project’s development. Next some overall views, done in Sketchup (google’s 3D program) of  the finished element concepts and overall gallery-

After any revisions, and once the education team approved these plates they were passed along to the various fabricators. the fabricators used them to created detailed shop drawings for production. Next are a couple of shots of one of the main components, a mechanical ball sculpture that, as the child engaged the interactive, would “reward him” by feeding balls to the top of the structure, and then dropping them into a Rube Goldberg style contraption. My design was not intended to be an accurate detail of the mechanism, but to suggest a plausible mechanical suggestion that accurately portrayed the intended action so that the shop could detail the finished piece to get the movement right-

and the goal-


2 Responses to museum design-Betty Brinn Children’s Museum-Kohls Healthy Kids

  1. Dave Morrison says:

    Awesome – way to go Bob!

  2. Gale DeAngelis says:

    Wow! You inspire me.

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