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Being trained in classical rendering and illustration media,  I really  resisted getting into computer rendering. Ultimately, I relented. Now you’d have to pry my Adobe programs from my dead, cold mouse hand. I love them.  Illustrator is the ultimate for producing vector graphics and logo work. It is also capable of producing surprisingly sensitive effects. Here is a logo option that I’m working up for my in-process on-line store website “thirty two monkeys”-

32 monkeys

A poster that I did up for a  project that I founded in my community, the “Prairie Crossing Front Porch Society”. Front Porch is an all invited informal musician’s fellowship that promotes community through music-

front porch poster 2 copy

The header for my blog on the Front Porch Society, “Porchtopia”-

porchotopia blog header copy

A set of Illustrations that I did for the Kirkland Mormon Temple’s museum. The request was for illustrations that would trace the subtle architectural changes that the temple went through over it’s one hundred plus years in existence. I chose Illustrator as the medium for it’s ability to portray razor sharp interpretations of fine detail. For the same reason, I used a simplified graphic style (sort of the feel of an Arts and Crafts ceramic tile) to keep the architecture crisp and clear-

Kirkland Temple 1836-

kikland 1836

Kirkland Temple 1899-

kikland 1899

Kirkland Temple 1955-

kikland 1955

Kirkland Temple present day-

kikland present

My design for my own fine art business card-

art card


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