Hello world!

Welcome to my on-line portfolio. I’m also going to use this site as a blog for visitors to enjoy my postings of the various creative projects that I have, and am, working on.


I’m an industrial designer, by training, and have the good fortune to be living the life of a professional artist. My avocation is my vocation and, even given the opportunity to never have to work again, I doubt that I’d change any of what I do day to day. Design, painting, ceramics, woodwork, drawing, teaching is what I do for fun when I’m not Designing, painting,doing ceramics, woodworking, drawing, or teaching. More and more, I discover how powerful is the space of working your creative energy-and what a critical foil it is to the impersonal challenges that most of our day to day lives demand. I hope that, if your a potential client, you enjoy my work and the projects that I feature on this site and keep me in mind as you find yourself in need of a designer, illustrator, conceptualist, or craftsman. For those stopping by just for the fun of it-welcome. I hope that you find inspiration in my work, but the highest achievement that I could have would be to inspire you to pick up a paintbrush, or ball of clay, and begin exploring your own artistry.


Art is not the domain of those few special beings that have some mysterious “gift” that the rest of us lack. Most importantly, it is a personal vehicle for exploration that, despite what those in  the “art world” would have us believe, has nothing to do with how anyone else would judge how “talented” you are or not. Even if your goal is to develop objective  “skill”, even that  is only the inevitable result of training and practice, that’s all. However, more and more, I discover that the real benefit of art is the simple tactile pleasure of the feel of paint as the brush moves through it, the stretching of the wet clay under your fingers  as it transforms from a ball to a vessel, or the enjoyment of the doodles that lead to some design solution for a piece of furniture-and anyone can enjoy that.


Therefore,  give yourself the gift of doing art. Make a space to play and enjoy the rich culture that we live in. You can get a sketchbook at any grocery store and, even if you are in one of those rare regions where good instructors are unavailable-excellent training dvds and books on every imaginable art form is just a couple  of mouse clicks away.


One of my oil paintings, “Carrots and Peppers”  in one of the arts and crafts style frames that I just completed. Another of the many benefits of practicing an art or craft-you can take your skills and sensibilities from one medium to any other.

I started this site on April 27th, 2009, so it’ll be a work in progress for a while.




About stottsmonkey

I'm an industrial designer, illustrator, impressionist painter,craftsman and musician.
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7 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Jennifer Ayala says:

    I love that frame. I was admiring it (or one like it) when I was at your house last. 🙂

  3. Sally Stotts says:

    Rob, your website is absolutely amazing! About the only things missing are some pictures of your many pottery designs and yours and Judi’s Renaissance Wedding. You should be very pleased with your many accomplishments!

  4. Jean Foley says:

    Hey Rob! Welcome to blog land! I love your new website, and I can’t wait to watch it evolve! Hope to see you and Judi soon 🙂 Say hi to Tucker for me!

  5. Stephen Howe says:

    Awesome work, Rob. Would love to see it in person some day. Great site you have here. Keep up the fine work.
    P.S. > Love the Braunschweiger stuff!

  6. Dave Morrison says:

    Beautiful work.

    I was aware of the graphic arts from fright fest but was unaware of all your paintings. They are really entrancing. Above all, I like that huge oreo cookie. Did you know it is the most popular cookie in the world?

    Wish you much success,

    Dave Morrison

  7. David Jones says:

    This is a fantastic and robust site, nice job and great art. I look forward to each new addition you add.

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